The Engineer the Future Alliance

Together we can inspire more young people to choose engineering, IT and science

Engineer the Future is Denmark's technological alliance, consisting of approx. 50 companies, educational institutions and interest organisations. We have joined forces to create space for all children and young people in technology and science, and we work to ensure that Danish companies have access to strong candidates in engineering, IT and science.

All forecasts show that there will be a shortage of 13,000 engineering, IT and science graduates in 2030, and that this shortage may gradually worsen as youth cohorts decrease by approx. 10% towards the same year. For many companies, a lack of candidates poses a strategic challenge to innovation capabilities and growth.

We are happy to be able to help put engineering on the agenda in Danish primary and secondary schools, especially because we’re facing a time when we’ll be short of manpower if we don't do something active to get more hands on deck. That’s why it’s important that we take responsibility as a company and do our part to inspire more children and young people to take a STEM education.

- Henrik Winther, Executive Vice President, COWI Danmark

Since 2014, we have developed, tested and implemented methods and initiatives that demonstrably increase children's and young people's scientific learning and motivation for science subjects, stepping up their desire to take an education in engineering, IT and science. At the same time, we have actively geared up our partners' contributions with funding from foundations so that we are in a position to realise the potential of our development work.

Together we work for:

  • The creation of space for all children and young people in technology and science.
  • All children and young people to acquire useful skills in technology and science.
  • More young people to choose a degree in engineering, IT and science.

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We would be delighted to tell you more about our work. Write to or call 2388 4492 for a no obligations chat about the alliance and what you could get out of a partnership.

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