Engineer the future


Engineer the future

We need more engineers. We need the Danes to realise the value engineering and tech companies represent now and in the future. Engineers create and change the future.

More support and understanding of the potential in engineering from the general public, young people, and politicians is the foundation which can ensure more exciting jobs, growth, and development in Denmark.

That’s why companies, educational institutions, and organisations have formed the technological alliance “Engineer the future.”

The Danish Tech Alliance

Engineer the future is a technological alliance of tech companies, educational institutions, and organisations. The aim of Engineer the future is to promote Danish engineers and technology experts and to create the foundation for many more future knowledge workers and specialists in technological development.

We are around 50 partners, including Danfoss, Siemens, DONG Energy, Coloplast, LEGO, Novo Nordisk, Novozymes, HOFOR, Sund og Bælt, all engineering institutions in Denmark, DI, and IDA as well as several smaller companies.

All Engineer the future partners

The purpose of Engineer the future

We focus our efforts on the following two areas:

  • Education
    It is important to get in early. Technology and science must be upgraded throughout the educational path from primary school to university, and we need to increase the level of interest in young people.
  • Reputation
    We need to encourage the population and young people to view engineers and MSc graduates in a more positive light, and we must highlight the potential of a technology or natural science degree.

    We prefer to work on a national level and in collaboration with the strongest operators in the field to ensure that all activities are viable and have firm footing.

The aim of our branding campaigns, social media, press relations, and events is authentic stories about young people that change the world. Also, we are developing educational initiatives targeted children and young people in order to expose them to “engineering and technology” as early as primary school. We know, we need to start early to change perceptions and understanding.

As an alliance, we aim to ensure that Denmark focuses wholeheartedly on technology and the smarter use of knowledge. In Denmark, we have some of the best conditions in the world for participating in and contributing to technological advances at the very forefront. If we are able to see and exploit this potential and create solutions in the technological present and future, Denmark will hold a far stronger position in the global market. It will generate growth in Danish companies and create more new jobs.

This is what makes Engineer the future such an important alliance.


See authentic stories about young people changing the world.