What has nail polish to do with wind energy?

What has nail polish to do with wind energy?

My visit

A surface is not just a surface, and the surface of many products are treatet to solve certain problems or to look in a certain way, for example corrosion protection of cars, decorative coatings for faucets (vandhander) and nail polish. 

When visiting you I give a short introduction to treatment of surfaces. Then your pupils or studients are ready to learn about the different industries working with surfaces and surface materials, surface charateristics and surface treatments. In addition I will talk about the importance of high-quality surface treatment for the wind energy production in the case of blade production for wind turbines.

I will engage your pupils or students through questions and quizzes.

My job

I'm a process engineer working with surface treatment, design and production coating processes for wind turbine blades. The most exciting task is to coat a product which is up to 75 m long and has a surface area comparable to a basketball court with an even surface quality which matters in the dimension of micro meters in a competitive tact time & price.

My education

I studied material science with the focus on material technology. This study combined all the areas (mathematics, physics, chemistry) that I was very good at as a pupil and I met an inspiring woman who showed me the fascination of coatings and material design.


I'm German and have lived in Denmark the last 2.5 years. I came to Denmark because of my job. In my spare time I love to read, cook and do pilates. I'm very enthusiastic about traveling and use most of my weekends to see Europe and prolonged holidays to see the world.