Programming is fun and interesting

Programming is fun and interesting

My visit

Do you know how to do computer programming in a fun and interesting way? I do, and can show you how.

When visiting you class I will introuduce the pupils to computer programming, basically explaining how we as humans can interact with computers in a fun and interesting way. 

My job

I am a product architect at the Danish software development company Sitecore. I work with my team to create the designs and skeletons for future software systems. I also help my colleges to implement the software system designs we have created using programming. 

My education

I have a master degree in computer science. Before that I have done graduation in mathematics and physics.

I have always been fascinated with computers from early age, especially the fact that I can use them to do the repetitive work while I can spend my time thinking about new ideas.   


I am married and father of 2 beautiful girls (2 and 7 years old) and a 9 years old son. I come from Pakistan, I now live in Denmark with my family. In my spare time I play squash and spend time with my family.